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Suggestions from various personalities post India series defeat

18, Aug 2014 By ProziumPatrakar

Post India series defeat in England, we have interviewed various personalties on how can Indian test cricket team can improve their standards. We have got the following responses from the them.

“We are planning to make test matches as a three day affair. This will make it more result oriented”.- CBBI ex chief Sundarvasan

“This is wrong. We should do a dharna at Jantar Mantar. This is wrong for an aam aadmi. they know only one game and the white people are taking the fun out of them”- Social activist Dharnawal

“Such abject surrender doesnt suit the team legacy, they should demanded a trial by combat with sir Jadeja vs anderson”- Dhed futt Shana Mr.Tyrion

“3-1..this is only first set and that too finished..why so tensed”- Ms Walia bhatt and her tennis perception

“Samosa with English butter and red chutney would certainly help Kohli and chepu to regain form”- Sirmal Baba giving his advice

” I think we should include women in Indian team as they have won in England”- Women Empowerment specialist Mr. Golden Baba

Post this when I asked my friend, an Mba-IIM graduate how this situation can be improved, his reply- “Well see what we need is a complete paradigm shift in the new youth launches. See there is cow-bull-star-moon matrix and there are 5 Porter forces, so currently we can put Indian performance in the bull bracket. Yes they can bull sit there and then coming to the analysis part, the major drivers of this change could be hidden there.

We asked exactly how this can be improved, its still not clear.

His reply, ” it depends”.