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Sudden increase in the sale of pain killer noted; after the start of IPL

11, Apr 2015 By smartovi

New Delhi. In a recent development which shocked the pharmaceutical companies and shopkeepers to meet the abrupt  increase in the demand of pain killer, which is coming from last three days.

People standing outside shop & waiting for the turn.

In an online survey completed by pharmaceutical companies revealed that main reason behind the increase in demand of pain killer is IPL (Indian premier league). When researchers try to find out the link between the two Indian premier league and pain killer an astonished fact come out which make shocked everyone there.  It is commentary by great commentator Siddhu.

Another similar and shocking  news also is coming from a private hospital where a patient has woke up after 5 year of comma. Doctor is  giving credit to Siddhu’s commentary. He said, “I was watching IPL in Critical Care Unit inside hospital on my mobile phone and earphone leads came out by mistake and patient i got to hear 90 seconds longs commentary and wake up shouting, please turn off the match. I can’t bear this much of  mental trauma”.

In an other incident, which caught the attention of Pagal Patarkar is also related to Indian Premier League commentary, where the police is using latest commentary recording to torture the criminals. A human right organization contacted Pagal Patarkar and said, “we are going to file a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) in court for using inhuman methods to torture the criminals”.