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Students hurt at denial in sack race

24, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It was only one opportunity for the students taking part in the school’s sack race. This event was organized for the junior class students. By their little age they appeared quite interested in running but what they lacked was the sack required for the race. A few students had not carried the rucksack for the purpose but numerous kids brought it in compliance with the teachers’ indication. They arranged the sack anyhow.

But some indisputably failed to arrange the sack for the reasons known to them. Their parents were looking enraged with this demand during their chat with one another. Their main problem was that how could they manage to procure the sack at the little notice? This remained the main cause of their resentment. Some of them even were contemplating of putting their complaints before the class teachers. Although the school teachers advised the students to bring the sack on their own convenience, yet they did not understand the difficulty in the arrangement of the sack.

The students definitely compelled their parents to manage the required sack just in the nick of time. However, they were in hotchpotch as to how could they arrange the coarse sack? The teachers were not even approaching the students for any assistance at the critical time so that they could avail the chance in the event. They missed the option of securing the sack from the students who had completed their run. What the teachers told them was to sit.

This instruction certainly brought disappointment to the students who were deeply interested in taking part in the sack race. Such an unhelpful attitude on the part of the teachers was not worth appreciating. When the leftover students were yearning for the run, they should have been helped. How would denial be rationalized?