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Stoning for a cause - Mob style

13, Apr 2014 By ricky1994

The Indian mob has reinstituted their game of “Pelting stones”, as was seen in the wake of the World Cup Final loss to Sri Lanka on Sunday.

Yuvraj Singh got to be the first face of the new season, as he carries the blame for the defeat faced by India. The mob had been contemplating upon this act for long , as their fief of ink throwing, molesting and burning effigies were becoming too mainstream.

 “In order to reinvent, you sometimes need to go back to your roots ” claimed the head mobster.
“As the research team struck up its ‘ideate, innovate and initiate’ steps, we were long looking for a fish to fry up and see the measure the merits of the long lost art of  stone pelting.We were worried that this art might have lost its sheen. But, I must say, the results have been very satisfactory.” added another disgruntled mobster.
“With the upcoming elections, it is very necessary that the mobs to be on their toes at all times. Any opportunity lost will be an insult to this noble art and an insult to our Guru, Arvind Ji, who has transpired to take Mobs to another level. In the pretext of corruption free governance, free of ill-will, he has given us more room to breathe and carry out our projects. We shall strive to do our very best and bring back those glory days” exclaimed Head of All India Mobsters( AIM).
With talk in the pipeline with “Disgruntled Unemployed Youths of United India”, the main student body at college level, AIM is believed to be taking measures to make this election the next big thing in the history of Mobs.