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Star Sports to make more new channels

04, Dec 2013 By beastmode

Sources reveal that the Star Sports boardroom is not content with the revolutionary changes that they have revealed on November 6 which has led to four non-HD and two HD channels. Instead, they now want to make more channels to show more repeat highlights  breathtaking action in the world of cricket sport.

Over the last few weeks, Star Sports has been alternating between highlights shows of various Indian cricket team players who have performed well in the last few ODI and Test matches. The organizers have also been showing their skills in alliterations – naming the shows as Perfect Pujara, Outstanding Ojha, All Rounder Ashwin and Swinging Shami over other shows. Also, they have been showing India’s greatest cricketing achievements in the medieval era – showing the same game roughly ten times over the course of the day. But the authorities are still not happy.

“We thought four channels would be enough for all the action that we can show. How wrong could we be? We will be planning new channels as we have many more shows in mind which we cannot accommodate with just four non-HD channels. These include Heart throbbing Harbhajan, Vanquishing Vijay, Dynamite Dhawan, Magnificent Mahendra, Incredible Ishant and Majestic Mohit. Also, we are planning to show action from various domestic tournaments. Plus, we are also planning to have a channel – Star Sports 69 – exclusively for unearthing the next superstars of the Indian cricket team by showing exclusive gully cricket action from streets all across India”, said the Managing Director of Star Sports.

This scoop has led to a variety of reactions across social media. One tweeter, Narayanan Srinivasan seemed to be very happy and he tweeted, “Great to see this great work from Star network which will make Indian cricket stronger”. Other tweeters were worried. Many of them were worried that they will now have to spend much more money on subscribing to these channels. And many were worried as they saw that despite having so many channels, all the football league matches which Star Sports have exclusive rights to are not being broadcast.

In fact when one of our journalists asked a question to the MD of Star Sports regarding Premier League matches not being telecast, he appeared completely baffled. He responded, “You must be knowing that the Indian Premier League happens during the summer and we unfortunately do not have the rights for this tournament – which we will try our best to get in the near future. In the meantime, you can enjoy watching the best IPL teams in the Champions League T20 in October”.

Meanwhile, rejected cricketers are having a great time after knowing that they will be back on TV. Our Page 3 reporters have attended a grand party hosted by the Delhi Ranji team trio of Gautam Gambhir, Ashish Nehra and Virender Sehwag – all former national team cricketers. It has been reported that Star Sports 37 is going to alternate between Gorgeous Gambhir, Amazing Ashish and Scintillating Sehwag for the whole day on days Delhi does not play any matches.

The press conference ended with Star Sports unveiling their new tagline – “Changing the way India watches sport”.