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Srinivasan suffers heart attack after watching 'Abki Bar Modi Sarkar' ad during T20 WC

04, Apr 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Chennai: Ex-BCCI chief N Srinivasan suffered a major heart attack while watching T-20 World cup match between India and Australia.

His close aides are attributing the heart attack to the sudden realization that CSK failed to buy Glenn Maxwell for IPL7 who has played consistently well for Australia. “If we had any idea that Maxwell plays so well, we would have made sure that he lands in our side bought him during auctions.”

Lalit Modi Laugh
“Thank you Narendra Modi”

But there is a silver lining in the cloud. Those who play well in IPL, fail in international matches and vice versa, Ishant Sharma being the only exception who fails at both.

However the real reason of heart attack has something to do with Lalit Modi. An insider told that Srinivasan was watching the match with some cricket enthusiasts on 56” HD TV. Suddenly the BJP election ad ‘No Cheating no Bhrashtachar, Abki Bar Modi Sarkar’ started playing.

“Next thing we remember is Srini was collapsed on his sofa. Any mention of the word ‘Modi’ make him jittery. So naturally when he heard words like ‘Abki Bar Modi Sarkar’ or ‘Har Har Modi’ he got uncomfortable. We have asked even election commission to ban these scary ads, but looks like they are Lalit Modi’s agents,” revealed an insider.

In unrelated news Mumbai police has busted a betting racquet where bookies are placing bets on whether South Africa will choke in Semi Final or Final. Chulbul Pandey, the cop on duty intercepted a conversation that lead to this expose.

“I thought it was some chillar type bookies doing time pass, so I started listening for my own time pass. Initially everything seemed regular. They were betting about issue nobody gives a damn these days:

  • Whether next attack on AAP will be an ink attack, egg attack or stone attack.
  • Who will be the next senior BJP leader to cry in public and get the sack; Sushma Swaraj, MM Joshi or Kalyan Singh.

Suddenly one caller placed a bet saying South Africa: Choke-Semis ¼, Final ½. I immediately called up Gavaskar who is interim BCCI chief. But surprisingly his phone line redirected to N. Srinivasan’s voice-mail. Before you ask ‘How do I know it was Srini’s voice mailbox’? I heard the voice-mail welcome message ‘There is no Modi wave, please record your message after this beep’,” Chulbul Pandey clarified.

This is clever setup. Gavaskar, known for his solid defense, is defending during the hostile SC bowling. Later he will rotate the strike and give it back to Srini, concluded Shaitaan Khopdi™.