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Srinivasan: "I am the new age Rosa Parks, will not let go of my chair"

03, Sep 2013 By ankitparmar

Kolkata: Recently Srinivasan told reporters that he will chair the board’s annual general meeting.

When questioned further by faking news as to why he is reluctant to vacate the seat despite being under immense pressure to step aside, an emotionally charged Srinivasan said that people asked the same question to Rosa Parks (who supposedly led to the Civil Rights Movement or something like that) when she refused to give up her seat.

He further elaborated that 200 years from now people will look up to him as a crusader who fought against all odds and emerged as a winner and also as a source of inspiration.

Continuing in the language of a revolutionary fighting against all odds he also said that terrorists for some are Robin Hood for others.

Looking at the group of reporters (apart from news channels, Aastha, Sony, Nickelodeon and Pogo also present) baffled with the content and the intensity of the response (even India TV found the rhetoric too much and wanted to sober it before reporting), he explained that this is a part of the larger conspiracy against Tamil Eelam, which was started in Sri-Lanka, continued by fairness cream ads and the latest attack was by the movie Madras Cafe. He said he is fighting for the self respect of Tamils.

He said he has a dream. He cited examples of Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Che Guevara and continued till he realized reporters are asleep.

Later on while regaining consciousness,  shell shocked (some bruised) reporters discussed but couldn’t agree on which was better: the press conference or the Chennai Express.