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Sri Lanka claims the QF match not over yet, as no fat lady sang after the alleged SA win

18, Mar 2015 By RT

Sydney. The Sri Lankan cricket team officially launched a complaint today to ICC that the quarter final match against SA is not over yet. The complaint was filed immediately after the presentation ceremony.

The statement stated in clear terms that at the end of the match or during or after the presentation ceremony, there was no sight of a fat lady anywhere to be seen, humming or fuming with a song.

Cheerleaders of Sri Lanka
Cheerleaders of Sri Lanka

“We all know an ICC CWC match starts with two anthems, sang by people fat or not, and a definite song sung by a certain fat lady. Today, the anthems were played at the beginning of the match. There was no fat lady and no song at the end. The match isn’t over yet. We want a re-match” read the complaint from the Sri Lankan cricket team to ICC.

The South African players, who managed to take a day off from their part-time jobs at an automobile spare parts manufacturing company which specializes in chokes, denied the complaint and cried foul. Each one of them claimed to have seen at least one fat lady who appeared to be singing during the presentation ceremony.

To strengthen the claim, a couple of SA players sent selfie images taken with a fat lady, mouth wide open and arms flaying, who appears to be singing. ICC reportedly accepted the selfies as evidence and declared the match to be completed.

“Going forward, all the ICC CWC matches will have players counting from 10 to 1, in a big screen at the beginning and a fat lady singing an inconsequential song, in a bigger screen at the end of the match. It is not mandatory for the losing team to sing along the fat lady”, stated a press release from ICC.