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Sreesanth arrested for fixing his marriage

17, Dec 2013 By criczinger

Cochin. Sreesanth was arrested by the local police at his residence on fixing charges. The broker who fixed the marriage was also brought under police custody. Sreesanth was seen to have been practicing batting in the nets when he was arrested. The police found him playing with a tucked-in towel which was a clear indication that he was involved.

Shanthakumaran Sreesanth
Shit I shouldn’t have fixed it.

The police who caught Sreesanth, Ram Lal said, ” A lot of jewels and money have been recovered. We are also suspecting the involvement of a girl who was used as a pawn in gambling. Sreesanth will be tried at the Kerala High Court tomorrow with the broker who has been identified to be Kanal Nayar, a tea shop owner by profession.”

The broker was first caught with the money near his tea shop. The police enquired him on grounds of doubt only to find out that he was one of the masterminds behind the fixing of Sreesanth’s marriage. The broker also claimed that Sreesanth’s parents had paid him money to fix the marriage.

Sreesanth’s parents as usual came out in support of their son saying that their son would never get involved in such an activity and he has been framed by the police. ” We have seen him since childhood. He has been generous. He has been giving everything to others even when he is bowling. I don’t think he will do such a mistake” cried Sreesanth’s mother.