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Soccer World Cup comes to India

03, Jun 2014 By khakshar

With Soccer mania catching up through out the world , how can India lag behind. The tournament is scheduled to take place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July 2014. It will be the second time that Brazil will host the competition. While 2018 Football World Cup will be held in Russia, the bid to host the World Cup has been awarded to Qatar.

File:World Map FIFA2.svg

The Governing body FIFA has shown displeasure at the preparations . It is learnt that many hotels, over bridges and even some stadiums will not be ready by 12th June leading to rescheduling of some games. FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association ) has castigated the Brazilian Football Confederation (Confederação Brasileira de Futebol or CBF) .

Mr.Stepp Blatter , the 15 Year old continuing President of FIFA has accused the Brazilian Football Association of negligence alike Mr. Suresh Kalmadi in Common Wealth Games.

While Mr.Kalmadi was not available and had officialy gone to Doha to seek re election to the post of President of the Asian Athletics Association. However, it is learnt that he original destination was Rio-De -Janerio People will remember that Mr.Kalmadi held the post for President of Asian Atheletics for Thirteen Years and was still holding it when he was in Jail. It should also be remembered that Mr. Kalmadi claimed to suffer from Dementia during investigation by CBI at Tihar Jail.

However the thinking disability disappeared when out of jail and Mr. Kalmadi was re installed as Indian Olympic Association for sometime. An aide of the former railway minister Mr.Kalmadi agreed to talk with the citizen journalist @khakshar on condition of anonymity . He made clear that the ex- sports official along with some of his associates were regular visitor to Brazil for the last one year. They were helping the South Americans in organizing the event as consultants. The aide had been instructed to tell all inquiring people to say that Mr.Kalmadi went to Rio to see the crystal ball prophecy practitioners (theopneusty).

It is also learnt that Indian Football association is keen to seek help of Mr.Kalmadi as consultant for bidding 2026 World cup. His expertise in arranging votes during bidding is much sought after. One should never forget the fame he acquired while arranging votes during Delhi’s bid to CWG 2010.