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Smith phone-a-friends third umpire for DRS review, Kohli shocked

08, Mar 2017 By Sushant

Ethics in the Australian cricket team have been called into question during the second test of Ind-Aus series. In a tense chase of 188 runs Smith was batting with Peter Handscomb. The incident happened during the Umesh Yadav’s exceptional spell.

"Well, its just that i always wanted to play KBC", says Smith giving a lame defend
“Well, its just that i always wanted to play KBC”, says Smith giving a lame defend

It was short of length and Smith completely misjudged it. He was subsequently given LBW and given a chance to review the umpire’s decision. According to the rule 15 sec are given to the batsman to review the umpire’s decision. But instead of using the only review left for their team he shocked everyone by taking a phone outside his side pocket and calling the third umpire. But before the third umpire could help him, he was rightfully interrupted.

Initially, celebrating his wicket, the Indian team didn’t notice the smartphone. But Anil Kumble alerted Kohli as soon as he caught Smith calling the umpire on the Star Sports HD. Anil ran to the Indian team (who were celebrating Smith’s wicket) and broke the news. Kohli, shocked, snatched his phone and gave it to the umpire. “I think smith definitely crossed the line,” Kohli said. “You can verbally abuse someone on the field, sledge him, throw a bat at him (as happened in IPL) but calling the third umpire is off limits.”. The Umpire Nigel Llong not only reprimanded smith for breaking DRS protocols but also took away his right to ever use DRS again.

Although Smith was reasonably regretful in the post-match interview, he thought it was necessary. “Firstly, I would like to apologize Indians for not living upto the standards of an Australian player but in the same breath I would like to add that our team was losing the match and taking the third umpire’s perspective was essential. And secondly, coaches should not be allowed to interfere in the matches”.

If the sources are to be believed Smith was using the latest iPhone with the Jio sim in it. Due to its free calling service, Jio seems to be a hit amongst foreigners also. Further calls to the Reliance headquarters were not returned by the time of publication of this article.