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Sindhu, Sarapova sustain combat clue

30, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Whose performance remained extraordinarily finer in the fast days? One showed a permanent habit of explaining herself by a deep shriek and other clinched her fist on securing the second silver position. Both the players effectively established their strong sporting spirit before their respective admirers. If Sindhu’s final fight in the recent World Badminton Championship would go down as a sporting epic, Sharapova’s win over Simona Halep in the US Open can be looked as an electrifying return to the tennis world. This was exactly why Sharapova has excellently proved her hard work under the lights of Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Although the feeling of the gold medal loss to promising shuttler P V Sindhu will always haunt her dreams yet she really showed tremendous willpower, fighting qualities, never-say-die attitude and staying power. Similarly, Maria Sharapova remained forceful, alert and valiant earning an immediate berth in the second round to meet with Hungry’s Timea Halep. Both of them expected of remarkable performances in their varied court games. It all depends on who is good on the very day of the match. Each player taking part in the tournament has a different style of play in accordance with the training received individually. This truth is an essential thinking of the two successful players.

Whether it is the lawn tennis or the badminton both the games are played in the similar sort of the court precincts. Both the sports can be categorised as the prestigious indoor games. Certainly, these popular sports have received tremendous recognition in the whole of the wide world. We have eminent players in both of the games and still, they are achieving new heights year after year. They are even prevailing over the foreign players in different tournaments. They wish to keep alive an idea of complete combat.