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Shirish Kunder to head Indian Cricket Team

15, Jul 2017 By alien4dec

Mumbai: From Corporate to Cinemas and now finally Cricket, as team India’s new head coach Shirish Kunder sounded upbeat after being appointed to the high-profile position.

As many as 24 former global cricketers had applied but Shirish was the frontrunner, thanks to his flirty personality. Virat Kohli’s girlfriend Anushka Sharma was reported to be in favour of Shirish.

Ready to rock cricket world now!
Ready to rock cricket world now!

On speaking about a non- cricketer’s selection as Indian Coach, Shirish said, “Philip Kotler is the Marketing Guru of the world, who has authored more than 100 books but has never worked in any media agencies or headed marketing department in any corporate. Rajniknath, a bus conductor became the super star of south cinemas. Similarly, you don’t need to play cricket to become the cricketing coach. Rather you need to watch more cricket on TV like me to lay down the strategies and win matches. I have also opened ‘BCCI – Bekaar Cricketers Coaching Institute’, where I shall impart knowledge on becoming toss coach, wicket keeping coach, fitness coach whereas match fixing coach, I don’t need to teach”.

FN: Apart from Sachin Tendulkar, whom do you find as the best sweep shot player?

SK: I feel Shah Rukh Khan, since his slap across my face had a great timing of straight sweep drive, etched in my memoirs forever. I am thankful to him for destroying my Bollywood career as stated at the party night. My wife preferred SRK’s money over her honey. But I don’t carry baggage of past. I will start afresh.

FN: Did you had sleepless nights before the appointment?

SK: No worries. I’m used to this. I am an insomniac Twitter addict and  Whiskey lover. I was a patient of acute depression, but now I am happy. I will transform dressing room into drinking room, where the entire team shall be allowed to party all night.

FN: Your views on your idol MSD’s current form?

SK: He was a champion then, now his helicopter has grounded. I will soon replace him with Sushant Singh Rajput who hasn’t reached his peak in the film but under my coaching in next four years, surely he will become the new captain of the Indian Cricket team.

Well, we wish Shirish Kunder best wishes for his new cricketing coach career and hope to see many more biographies on cricketer soon !