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Sharma and Nehra call Spanish squad to defend Casillas and Ramos

24, Jun 2014 By CB

After defending World Champion Spain’s first round exit, much of the blame for Spain’s disastrous World Cup campaign has been at the doorstep of their captain Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos. The experienced pair played both the games but still couldn’t organize back line and defend well.

Both Sharma and Nehra know that feeling all to well. After some disastrous performances of their own in India’s defeats, both have been blamed for poor balling. As a gesture of kindness both called Spanish team to defend Casillas and Ramos. Nehra spoke how Football like Cricket is team sport and blaming duo is against team spirit. Ishant Sharma slammed Spanish strikers for not scoring enough goals after they managed to score just 1 goal in opening 2 games. Nehra correlated this to batting performances of Indian team. He stated if Indian batsmen score 400 in each ODI game, then Nehra or Sharma conceding 100 runs in 10 overs wouldn’t make much difference.

Speaking to reporters after the conference call, Ramos appreciated and praised efforts for Indian pacers. Casillas thanked Indian duo as well. He also assured to return the favor of Indian pacers when India lose next time due to balling spells of either Sharma and Nehra.