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Sharapova trolls Sachin fans, says she does know Dravid and Dhoni

04, Jul 2014 By iknox118

Dravid & Dhoni
Dravid showing Dhoni who Tendulkar is

In an event which has shocked the nation, Sharapova apologized to the agonized cricket fans for her ignorance about Sachin Tendulkar, and tried to make amends by pointing out that she did know and admire Dhoni and Dravid.

This has further aggrevated Sachin fanatics, who claim that she’s adding salt to injury.

“Earlier I thought she doesn’t know anything about cricket so I can forgive her for being Russian”, says Manu, a Sachin fan who claims to have cried forty seven times on Sachin’s farewell speech, “but now she has lost even that respect. How can she like that Chennai captain. You either like Sachin or you like him and Dravid. Now she has polarized herself. I will add more comments on her facebook wall to feel validated by the mob.”

Meanwhile, Russian Tennis fans have been busy creating a video in Delhi where they asked 1000 Indians about India’s football national team captains’ name. Only four could answer, out of which one said Dhyanchand and another said Saurav Ganguly.