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Sharapova clarifies; she meant Sachin the actor, not the cricketer

04, Jul 2014 By jyotil

In what will hopefully put an end to the raging controversy, Maria Sharapova today clarified that when she said that she didn’t know Sachin, she actually meant Sachin the actor of the Balika Vadhu (the movie) fame.

“Obviously I know Sachin the cricketer, who doesn’t know him? Please read the complete post on my wall, I mean the facebook one not my favorite cricketer, Rahul Dravid (sic)”, Sharapova mentioned in a hurriedly organized press conference.

Sachin, the actor
The unknown Sachin

“The person had actually asked whether I watch “Bade acche lagte hain” the great Indian soap, to which I replied that though I have listened to a beautiful song by the same name, I don’t get to watch Bade acche lagte hain. Though I drop everything else to watch Balika Vadhu because I was told that the beautiful song belongs to that movie, but even after 1194 episodes of viewing, the song just doesn’t play. The same person then asked me that since I  know so much about that song and the film, do I know who Sachin is and I had to speak the truth that I don’t. Little did I know that he was the hero who lip synced that song,” A distraught Sharapova clarified while speaking exclusively to a Faking News reporter last evening.

“I was so happy yesterday when I was told that SRT is going to be a part of the royal box. I couldn’t stay focused and eventually lost the match. Infact the moment I saw Sachin Tendulkar in the stands, I thought of forfeiting the match and run to him with the match ball, to get his autograph just like the Vodafone fan of the match in the IPL.” Said Sharapova also demonstrating her keen interest in the great sporting spectacle of IPL.

Her parents too came on air on all Indian channels yesterday to apologize on her behalf. They said that Sharapova has been Sachin’s fan since his innings of 143 against Australia in the Coca Cola cup at Sharjah. “Inspite of her grueling training schedule she always used to take time out to watch Sachin bat, and always asked me to observe fast whenever Sachin batted since she couldn’t”. Yelena, Maria’s mother commented.

“We just love IPL. If the new NDA government opens up the FDI in the sports sector, Maria is keen to own a franchise in the IPL. She has also thought up of the name of her new team – “Ludhiana Love All”.” Yuri Sharapova, an avid cricket watcher himself, told Faking news.

In a related development few thousand kilometers to the West, in Brazil, FIFA has distributed thousands of posters, carrying pictures of Sachin playing football, to the fans and the players.

“By God’s grace we have had a great world cup so far. We can’t afford a controversy of this size during this event. We have asked each player to memorize few key facts about Sachin Tendulkar. Indian Fans are to be respected and we are going to install large banners depicting, ” In India Cricket is Religion, but Sachin is everyone’s God” in every major stadium.” Said a worried FIFA official fearing a similar backlash of Indian fans.