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Shahid Afridi sues Star Sports for 75 crores, blames loss of endorsement revenue

05, Mar 2014 By mukund

Despite the sensational role that Shahid Afridi had in Pakistani victories in the Asia cup, he is unhappy with the proceedings. The faking news reporter at the international court of justice e at Hague is having access to a suit he has filed against Star Sports. Here are the highlights of the case.

Respected Sir, I am god’s gift to age 16 . I was born as a 16 year old and I will die as one. The other day I heard a few cricketers of my team referring to me as a senior. It left me sleepless that night. What inspired them to slur me in this heartless fashion? It was only when I watched Star sports repeat telecast I realised that. they(Star sports) have consistently been showing my age to be 34 years which has my team mates to call me senior. I visited the the star sports OB van to request them to change my age but they pretended as if they knew only Tamil and only used English words like “statistics” “counting properly” while continuously laughing at me sir. Worse was they offered me the curd rice they were eating. I am pained by their attitude since I don’t have Kholi’s vocabulary to release my anguish I demand 70 crores as compensation. This is not a fanciful claim but a honest representation of my as losses as I am considered the teen icon of Pakistan and an ambassador to the below mentioned products who may withdraw sponsorship

Here is my loss statement.

No Product name Offering Tagline 1 Firm Grip Neon colored Grips for your Kalashnikov Now you can shoot in colors 20 cr 2 Bear Beard Coloring solutions for your beard For your first date and every date 25 cr 3 Nowkia Mobile Dad Drone detecting application Keeps away all daugther doting dads 30 cr

PS: This is a little higher than the GDP of Pakistan, but then sir who in Star Sports is counting. Imagine paying so much money for a Asia Cup which no one is interested in.

Signed Afridi