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Serial biter Luis Suarez breaks into "SerialQtiyapaDoers" list

26, Jun 2014 By saneamit

In an interview, post Italy v Uruguay match, the million dollar serial bitter, Luis Suarez has said that it wasn’t his fault that he had bitten people around in soccer matches. He said that in order to impress his girlfriend he wanted to be a serialist specialist in at least one field. For achieving the same he came into contact with Sajid Khan, serial nonsensical movie director, who became his guru.

Suarez further added that Guru GuruJi had given him the special ‘Dog’ drug made by Dr.Khan as shown in ‘Hamshakals’, a movie for making people mentally challenged. He said in crunch matches he often takes a drop or two of the drug for considering the matches as do or die battles. Also, he added it would not have been without the help of Sajid Khan that he broke into the top 5 in ‘SerialQtiyapaDoers’ list.

Below is the list published after yesterday’s match by the‘SerialQtiyapaDoers’ magazine.

1)      Serial Bombers – Al Qaeda

2)      Serial Dharna Doer – Arvind Kejriwal

3)      Serial Kisser – Emraan Hashmi

4)      Serial Biter – Luis Suarez

5)      Serial Scammers – UPA

P.S. Off the records Luis Suarez admitted that seeing Arvind Kejriwal’s sharp rise in the list, he wants to make ‘Krantikari – Punya Bajpai’ as his next GuruJi.