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Serena Williams banned from playing against women, subsequently will play against men only

28, May 2014 By Siddharth Patki

WTA Headquarter, London: Women’s rights activists have finally won their long legal battle against Serena William.

Women’s Tennis Association will no longer allow S. Williams to play against any woman, as she is too masculine. Women right activist in Delhi filed international lawsuit last year, asserting that S.William was physically superior, to play against any woman.

serena williams

“That’s why she has won 60+ WTA titles and numerous Grand slams, we do not doubt her sexuality, all we are suggesting that she’s sort of superwoman and playing against any woman would be completely unfair. She can go and play with men but not women,” explained ex-tennis player and women’s right activist.

As per the verdict, S. Williams have to return all of the titles to WTA. Fearing this, Venus William has already declared her retirement in hopes of keeping  titles intact.

Ongoing French open will be last tournament for S.Williams; rumors are also there that Serena Williams may have to restart her career by playing a practice match against runner up of men French open.

R.Nadal and R.Federer has already declared themselves as unfit after French open, whereas, Sania Mirza declared she will be coming out of retirement for women singles and it has nothing to do with the William sisters, as she just lost once to S.Williams, mainly due to injury’.

Mankind  witnessed a miracle as kejriwal have not made any comment on this.