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Sepp Blatter’s resignation from FIFA, an emotional moment for me: N Srinivasan

10, Jun 2015 By Golden Tooth

Chennai: Last week, Football chief Sepp Blatter resigned days after a 150 Million dollar corruption scandal was exposed by FBI.  While most of the football lovers world over cherished the ouster of a corrupt chief, here in India he found a sympathizer in the form of N Srinivasan, the erstwhile BCCI chief.

Faking News Correspondent got a chance to have a tête-à-tête with the cricket honcho.

Srinivasan begun conversation by saying, “I am not a fan of football, but I look up to Blatter as an inspirational administrator. He is my Guru. I replicated his polices in BCCI, hence could remain at the top for so long just like him. If I today I am owner of CSK despite being a BCCI official, it’s because of him..”

Faking News troll  correspondent  asked, “Sir, have you ever met Mr Sepp Blatter?”

N Srinivasan
N Srinivasan animated during the interview

Srinivasan: No, I haven’t

Faking News:  Sir then, “How….”

(Srinvisan cuts him in between)

Srinivasan: Have you heard about Eklavya, How he learnt from Dronacharya?

Faking News: Does that mean, you have learnt tricks of trade with some statue of his as an inspiration?

Srinivasan: What era are you living in? Who uses statues, between you can’t carry the statues everywhere.

Faking News: Then?

Srinivasan: See (Shows his Mobile), I always keeps a wallpaper of him in my mobile.

Faking News: Sir, which are the things or achievements  that you think that you achieved  were inspired by him?

Srinivasan: Many things. We are in fact are similar, in many respects. If I made BCCI my bastion, Blater made  FIFIA his fiefdom. Both of us strengthened our hold on the game by gaining confidence of subordinate associations by giving them undeserving perks.  Both  of us have had multiple terms in our organisation. Both of us at times were elected unopposed.

Faking News: Sir you missed a few more similarities.

Srinivasan:  Which ones?

Faking news: Sir under both of you, corruption reached new heights in both the games. Both of you cared more for your own good self than the game. Both of you were nailed by mistakes of others. Both of you on the verge of a next term when corruption scandal broke out. Both of you declined to resign initially, but eventually resigned.

Srinivasan:  Are you serious? Do you want to continue with the interview?

Faking news:  Sorry..sorry sir, was a slip of tongue..I missed one similarity that both of you are greats as well.

Srinivasan: Ok, quite a long slip, by the way.

Faking News:  Sir, last question. How much has his ouster personally affected you?

(A long pause followed Srnivasan fidgeted, showed some rare signs of emotions.)

Srinivasan: Yeah, it’s one of the emotional moments for me. To see your idol getting disgraced is not a pleasant sight. I don’t know what is happening; first it happened to Kalmadi, then me and now Sepp Blater…My faith in corruption is completely shaken.