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Sanjay Jha appointed as Indian cricket team coach

01, Mar 2014 By Anup Apasangi

Sanjay jha of the Newshour fame has been announced as Indian cricket coach by the BCCI working commitee.

Jha has a great reputaion of taking pschological blows from Arnab Goswami was delighted with the news. Sanjay credited all his success to Rahul baba and said, “I can help India defend big targets as I have a vast experience of defending topics like RTI, Women Empowerement, Escape velocity and other non sense spoken by Rahul”.

But however, Jha clarified he will take permission from his Italian high command on joining the new job. When faking news spoke to Arnab he said, “It’s a historic day for Indian cricket as well as television industry and will be relieved of listening same old Food Security Bill,MNREGA, 2002 Blah blah!!

Randeep Singh Surjewala and Manish Tiwari were extremely unhappy and suffered a mild heart attack on the announcement. As these two legends now have to defend various theories proposed by Rahul Gandhi and also have to defend Digvijay Singh’s speech. Ranjit and Manish have decided to protest against the move and Arvind Kejriwal will be supporting the protest externally.

Soon after the announcement  Dhoni responded “We always wanted a coach like Sanjay who finds positives in the lost mataches  as he has been doing it for congress for many years.Dhoni also said that Sanjay will be training him and Suresh Raina on how to defend corruption charges like Match Fixing”.