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Sanjay Bangar, Ajit Agarkar to be recalled to ensure Sachin gets two innings to bat in Mumbai test

11, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Mumbai: The BCCI has decided to recall some of India’s best worst bowlers ever in an effort to help the  West Indies avoid the possibility of suffering an innings defeat again. Sources from within the selectors of the Indian cricket team told Faking News that the BCCI was actively considering recalling the recently retired Ajit Agarkar, Sanjay Bangar- famous for being an all rounder who could neither bat nor bowl and Ishant Sharma, among others.

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin couldn’t control his smaile after hearing the news.

“This is Sachin’s last test and he needs to be given the chance to bat twice,” a source from within the selection panel said, on condition of anonymity. “And all these new boys- Shami and Kumar- are bowling too well and giving us victories by an innings and some runs. I remember the good old days when we had people like Venkatesh Prasad and Ajit Agarkar as frontline bowlers. Poor old Prasad used to run in all the way from the boundary and still bowl at a slower pace than Anil Kumble.”

“These guys had even perfected the expression of mock disgust everytime a batsmen hit them for a boundary- which was much more often,” the selector added, reminiscing the good old days of Indian cricket. “Oh what a terrible terrible state of affairs we have today!”