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Samuel Badree is actually Subramaniam Badrinath in disguise

19, May 2014 By zenmaster

A private detective who was hired to investigate the IPL match-fixing scandal has uncovered a shocking truth that Chennai Super Kings and West Indies legspinner Samuel Badree is actually batsman Subramaniam Badrinath in disguise.

Samuel Badree
Samuel Badree

The cricketing world was shocked in January when domestic batting stalwart Subramaniam Badrinath went unsold in the IPL auction. Badri had missed only three games in the entire history of the Chennai Super Kings, so it seemed like a crushing disappointment that his former team decided to do without him. But in this melee, everyone failed to notice that the Super Kings had signed up a legspinner whose name was also S Badree.

The detective has now discovered that Badri and Badree are actually the same person. As it’s difficult for one person to masquerade as two in the dressing room and public eye, the Super Kings had smartly created an impression that Badri was unsold, and bought him back as Badree.

Disappointed at his inability to stay in the Indian team beyond 15 minutes, Badri had been secretly practicing his legspin for several years till he reached the standard of a world-class legspinner.

He then broke into the West Indies team by creating a fake identity as a Bermuda citizen, convincing authorities by appearing in bermuda shorts all the time. Badri enlisted the help of famous American makeup artist Michael Westmore who has worked with actor Kamal Hassan for decades. Westmore gave Badri a completely different appearance so that nobody could possibly notice a similarity. This way, Badri globetrotted with the West Indies while sneaking out to make Ranji Trophy appearances for Tamil Nadu.

He lived this double life until a problem arose. His legspin performances for the West Indies caught the eye of Chennai Super Kings who wanted him in the team as a legspinner. But this became impossible due to the presence of Badri the batsman in the Super Kings team. There was only one possible solution. Badri had to go unsold in the auction so that they could sign Badree.

The Super Kings thought about the possibility of another team signing Badri, making him unavailable to play as Badree. Then they dismissed this possibility as highly unlikely.

The detective enquired about why Badri adopted a name that was actually quite similar to his original name. Couldn’t he have thought of a name that wasn’t S Badree? To this question, Badri revealed his genius plan. “They say the best way to hide something is to keep it in plain sight. You know how thieves keep their loot on the mantlepiece and the police searches the entire house without finding it? That’s the principle. I could have thought of a good West Indian name like Dwayne Samuels, Andre Bravo or Sunil Rampaul, but this is so much cleverer.”

Despite uncovering so much, there’s one thing the detective hasn’t yet figured out: What made two perfectly sane individuals name their son Quinton De Kock?