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Sammy gets threatening calls from a frenzied fan

14, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Mumbai: Darren Sammy, captain of WestIndies cricket team, reported that he got a threatening call on the morning of the hyped Sachin’s 200th test match. When asked details about the call Sammy said, that the caller spoke in some regional language and hence could not follow most of it But Sammy did mention a that he could make out a few things that the caller was a fan of prodigious Sachin Tendulkar and threatened to harm him and his team.

Sammy pointing to the one who threatened him.
Sammy pointing to the one who threatened him.

Mumbai police took immediate action and were able to trace the caller. They originally thought that it might be from a high profile habitual offender. Once apprehended for the alleged threatening call, police realized he was ingenuous. Police did a detailed back ground check, questioned him thoroughly and were startled at what they heard.

The man who identified himself as Sushil Kumar Sharma, (a government employee with a transferable job) is a ardent fan of Sachin Tendulkar. Though he might not have painted his body and traveled around where ever India played like Sudhi Kumar Chaudhary, he claimed he is still a big fan of the Little Master. 

Police questioned him further as to why he gave a threatening call to Sammy. He said, he got tickets to the test match with great difficulty and called Sammy to tell him that WestIndies have to ensure that the match goes into the fourth day at the very least. Mr Sushil Kumar was not aware that the tickets were sold online and was a part of  the large crowd that had gathered at the stadium to procure the ticket.

It was after some 6 to 8 hours of standing at the stadium they realized that the tickets were being sold online. Mr Sushil Kumar who travels frequently by train and books his tickets through irctc website, said his experience with irctc came in handy while booking a ticket on kyazoonga.  He continued “but for my trysts with irctc, I could not have been a part of the SRT 200 extravaganza. I must thank irctc for this”.

He felt after having struggled so much, he should get to see atleast four days of test cricket. He said that this might be his last test match at the stadium as well. After what happened at Eden Gardens where they could not give a farewell to Sachin as planned as WestIndies finished the the test match in 3days unannounced, Mr Sushil Kumar wanted things to go as planned here at the Wankhede Stadium.

After all who does not want to see Sachin get a befitting farewell and Mr Sushil Kumar claimed he did all this in good spirits. Police (who also felt the same way about the WestIndies team after the 1st test match) were convinced that Mr Sushil Kumar had good intent  and let go off him.