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SaDho (Save Dhoni) Movement: BCCI and Team India conspiracy revealed

09, Jan 2013 By aayushh

Following his younger brother’s footstep, Sarvind Kejriwal decided to conduct a sting operation on the richest cricket control board i.e BCCI. BCCI held a private meeting conveying SaDho (Save Dhoni) Movement to the entire Team India.

Sarvind came up with a startling revelation that BCCI and entire team India conspired to make sure Dhoni remains as a captain in all the three formats of the cricket. The top order batsmen should not perform well and put India into a situation where Dhoni can flaunt his orthodox batting skills and win public’s heart (which did happen in second ODI).

Kejriwal (the elder brother) produced a video clip of Ravindra Jadeja and Rohit Sharma taking the initiative for this SaDho Movement. Jadeja concluded it saying “I cant let this happen to Dhoni,he might have got married but he still likes me more and my curls are better than her(Sakshi)long hairs!!!”

Gautam Gambhir and Virendar sehwag were the only one who did not agree to SaDho movement at first, but when Dhoni promised them 20% of his IPL income and one sure shot win in the coming IPL they too joined the leaugue of Sadhos. Just before third ODI Sehwag demanded for 20.5% of Dhoni’s IPL income and thats why he was dropped confirmed Kejriwal (about to be famous one).

Kejriwal (not the younger brother) also claimed that some of the Pakistani players too helped team india in this noble cause. Misbah-ul-haq (dearly known as Miss by 5 runs) dropped Dhoni’s catch and has always played for India. No proof was presented as it is evident to all.

Here is what Misbah scribbled in his personal diary (currently in Kejriwal’s possesion): “I play for India from Pakistan so that I get Jannat as I will be less cursed owing to thunderous population of India.”

When Kejriwal (now you know na which one) confronted Dhoni about the enitre team conspiring to save him, Dhoni came with a very filmy reply. He quoted SRK’s OSO dialogue “Jab puri siddat se kisi cheez ko chaho toh puri Qaynaat tumhe usse dilane mein sajish karti hai” and for me only Team India,BCCI and Misbah bhai conspired.

Now its pretty clear why dhoni was adjudged the man of the match in the last one dayer despite strong contenders like Saeed Ajmal, it was BCCI and God’s wish bestowed upon the jury.

God too likes Dhoni’s Helicopter shot because  just for a single moment people look upwards towards him as His popularity and fan following is deeply hit after Paresh Rawal’s OMG.