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Sachin to play 100 more tests

18, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Sachin Tendulkar, popularly known as “The God of Cricket” surprised everyone with his latest update during the press conference on Monday night.

Sachin is passionate about being carried on shoulders.
Sachin is passionate about being carried on shoulders.

He said, ” I was overwhelmed to see the kind of support and love I received after my 200th test. It was like the whole world was praising me. When I returned home, I was so upset that I could not sleep that night as the words ‘comeback sachin! comeback sachin!’ was ringing in my ears in a synchronized, collective tone. Besides, cricket is all I know. I have struggled to get into such a good form and I don’t see any reason why I should quit.”

“I talked to my wife and kids on Sunday morning that I have plans for a return to cricket. Anjali and Sara said an arrogant ‘NO!’. But luckily Arjun was very supportive. I guess he thinks that with me in the team, he could easily get a cap in the national side and then probably rise up to be the captain of the team soon. Anyways, after a two hour long debate I decided that I am going to play at least 100 more tests before I even think of stopping. Frankly, I want to play cricket till my last breath,” Sachin was all smiles with the last comment he made. In fact, the entire press team were in deep laughter hearing the legend talk about a 100 more tests!

Tendulkar also made another announcement on his new fitness formula. “I have another happy news. I have appointed the famous fitness freak, Dr. Soumya Depp to advice me on health tips and help me keep a good body shape. As you know, she is the wife of Hollywood star Johny Depp and a graduate from IIT Roorkee. She was the first lady to coach an NBA team! I am quite lucky that she has signed the agreement.”

The reactions to Sachin’s shocking announcement were mixed. In Mumbai, the fans went crazy and started blocking the roads and smashing cars with bats signed by the legend himself. A dozen people were injured in the demonstration, but none of them were serious.

There were processions from huge groups of people in various parts of the world. Afterall, the god of cricket is returning to the ground!

Meanwhile, the Indian team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was reported to be very angry about the update. He was quoted as saying, ” We are a team of energetic youngsters. We do respect senior players. But playing in the team after the age of 40 is ridiculous! The man can peacefully spent the rest of his life with his family. He is out of his mind.”

But the BCCI chairman-to-be, Kannthan Lumia was really excited about this grand news from Sachin. He posted on twitter, ” This is fabulous. We are blessed to have the God return to our side and I will make sure he gets his national cap back in no time, whether Dhoni agrees upon it or not.” Kaanthan is very popular among cricketing youth for his smart looks and straight forward attitude.

We are yet to receive any official confirmation from the BCCI about his inclusion in the coming series against New Guinea, but we are hopeful that Sachin will make it to the squad. My Faking News wishes Sachin an everlasting cricketing career!