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Sachin Tendulkar withdraws his retirement plans

15, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

18 Nov (Mumbai): Immediately, after the test match between India & West Indies got over, Sachin announced from the stadium that he is not going to retire. He continued, “I was moved to tears seeing your affection for me. I have heard many people shouting my name today and it is an excellent day for me. I wish your support to continue for years to come. I am withdrawing my retirement and I have also cancelled my retirement plans. “

There was immediate frenzy everywhere across India and the news channels were busy finding out cricket punDits to share their view on this. Bore Majumdar shouted on Arnab’s show, “Sachin.. Sachin.. Sach.. Arnab, will you allow me to talk?.. Sachin Tendulkar is .. the.. Arnab, will you please allow me to talk.. Sachin Tendul.. Renuka madam, please allow me to talk.. “. Arnab was also found shouting at the top of his voice, “THE WHOLE NATION WANTS TO KNOW.. WHY DID SACHIN NOT RETIRE NOW?”

Digvijay singh tweeted, “We gave Sachin back to cricket. Might be RSS hand behind retirement of Sachin. Modi should be punished. #BharatNirmaan #ThankYouSachin”

Saurabh, an ardent Sachin hater, immediately jumped into his social networking sites and started Facebook pages to force Sachin to retire. He is now confident of getting more number of likes for his anti-Sachin posts. Sachin haters too started online petition campaign on Avaaz and Change demanding retirement of Sachin.

Sachin fans were busy deleting their Facebook posts, notes, blogs and tweets ‘praising Sachin and how they will miss him’. One Sachin fan, commenting on conditions of anonymity, revealed, “I had prepared a 5000 word article on how I grew watching Sachin batting. Now, I will rephrase the letter and send that letter to my girlfriend.”

BCCI has requested Sachin to announce retirement for every match, so that they can earn a lot of revenue. Also, betting industry had started betting on when Sachin will retire.

Our reported tried to get a chance to question Sachin on his sudden decision , outside the Stadium, for which he replied, “I do not want to retire and hurt you all. So, I have decided to stay with retired hurt in my next matches. So that, my fans could see me retired and my haters could see me hurt.Bye Ok…k…k…kkk” and sped away in his car.

BJP has accused Sachin of copying the stunt of their leader Advani. Advani had similarly announced retirement and then shot into political limelight after a decade. Similarly, Sachin fans are expecting a blog from him praising Shoaib Akthar and Wasim Akram.

Sachin Tendulkar has also played in the lives of many other Sachin’s in the past few days