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Sachin Tendulkar to play Under 19 world cup to silence Bishan Singh Bedi

29, Jul 2013 By zhootareportor

In a fitting response to Bishan Bedi’s comment that Sachin Tendulkar should score runs in South Africa in order to earn respect, Sachin Tendulkar has decided to play next under  19 world cup to be held in 2014 to prove his mettle. The little master has already started preparing for it and is likely to join the team for trip to UAE. The little master, on being asked whether he was eligible to play in under 19 world cup, came out with a fitting reply saying that he decides two things on his own on which BCCI and ICC have no control at all. These are his retirement age and his actual age.

Sachin at net practice for Under-19 world cup.

On being asked whether his reflexes will be as good as the player under the age of 19, he replied saying that it is where the entire thrill of joining  under 19 team is. He added that his reflexes will be talk of the town in this tournament. He said that he will not throw away his wicket in forthcoming tournament as the balls delivered by bowlers will automatically do that once they are delivered and reach stump. He said that his joining the team for world cup will help some opposition bowlers earn respect, when they bowl him out on first and second bowl of the match that he plays. An emotionally charged Tendulkar  became candid on being grilled on reflexes and said that even at this age he is more agile than what Sourav Ganguly was at the age of 20.

Tendulkar went on to add that his resolve to play cricket for India increases with every criticism that he gets. He warned his critics that if they continue to write honestly about his performance he may join back his school to show that he and Shahid Afridi never grow old and play at their wish. He said after 100 hundreds, he is keen to score 100 zeros a record which will be difficult to beat.