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Sachin Tendulkar stops performing in video games

21, Dec 2012 By shoby

An enthusiastic fan of Sachin Tendulkar has sued the Video Game company for releasing ICC World Cup 2015 alleging that Sachin Tendulkar is not performing in that Video Game.

The applicant (name withheld) has filed a petition for defamation before the Delhi High Court alleging defamation of Sachin is defamation of India.

In his petition before the High Court of Delhi he has highlighted the following things:

Video Game
Sachin had scored a century in the previous edition of the video game

1.  Sachin Tendulkar is the star batsmen of India

2. He is god of cricket

3. Having played the video game 100 times, Sachin has scores only single digits

4. Ironically his son hits a ton every time

5. His Attributes have been drastically reduced as under

Batting : Against Bangladesh, Ireland and Holland : 1 and others : 0

Bowling : Against Bangladesh, Ireland and Holland : 0 and others : 1

Fielding : -5

6. This is disrespectful to the master blaster

The Petitioner has named BCCI as a respondent in the petition for not stopping the game to come to market, despite prior knowledge on the same.

In the mean while BCCI has assured to get the Video Game discarded using its money power on the ICC as always.

Sachin has refused to comment on this issue, although he has hinted at retirement at appropriate time. Meanwhile Saurav Ganguly plans to retire from Commentary Team and make a comeback in the Indian Cricket Team, as oppening with Sachin was his favorite pastime and it will prevent run out as no one will take a run.

It remains to be seen whether the High Court accepts his appeal or rejects it altogether. But legal experts say that the grounds of appeal are weak and the appellant does not have any chance for a favorable verdict unless the Judge turns out to be a fan of Sachin.