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Sachin Tendulkar recovers from amnesia, does a Vadra and targets Chappel

05, Nov 2014 By jamaalmalik

Mumbai: “Ailla…Main kaun hun…main kahan hun? …(Ailla…Who am I…where am I?)” were the first words of the master blaster in the recent press conference hosted by him to promote his new autobiography. As the publisher whispered in his ear about the book and the event, he collected himself and spoke, “Chappel wanted me to be the captain for 2007 world cup instead of Dravid”. As soon as some of us heard it, we rushed to VT to catch the next train to Bangalore to get a byte from Dravid – journalism is a crazy field….

On being asked why he is disclosing this information only days before the launch of his autobiography, he looked straight in the eye of the reporter and said “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” some 5 times. One of our fellow journalist had a deja vu and ran for the door thrashing the video tape he recorded on the way. When the reporters insisted, the publisher read aloud a press release stating that Sachin had a minor short term memory loss (Amnesia) problem since 2007 and has recovered from it recently after he consulted Dr. Hoshwala in Jhumritalia. The reason seemed weird but we bought it since it was tea time and not to mention we got free biscuits.