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Sachin Tendulkar plays Snakes & Ladders to relax, remains stuck on 99 for 5 days

05, Feb 2013 By indianpsycho

Taking some days off from his busy schedule, Sachin Tendulkar decided to relax by playing a game of Snakes & Ladders with his daughter Sara totally unaware of the fact that it could turn out to be the longest one ever played in the history of this game.

The game went on for (hold your breath) a record breaking 5 days just like a test match as Sachin apparently remained stuck on 99, reaching the number in first 15 minutes itself. As the game dragged on and on for an unanticipated amount of time due to Sachin’s insistence of playing it till he reached 100, Anjali Tendulkar had to schedule normal breaks like Lunch, Tea etc in it. And just like a test match stumps were drawn at the end of each day’s play so that they could sleep.  Sara also decided to support his father in his quest to reach 100 and thereby took leaves from her school to be with him.

His friends and neighbours who were watching the game from close quarters became impatient when the game went on and on and started shouting ” Sachin should announce his retirement from Snakes & Ladders too”. According to Sunil Gavaskar it was bound to happen as Sachin has been playing the game with a very heavy dice. He advised him to cut the edges of the dice by 2mm before next game.

Sachin finally realxing after reaching 100.

When the news reached Shahid Afridi’s ears, he was quick to add how he saw Sachin’s hands shaking while playing the game with Shoaib Akhtar. He refused to shut up even after being told that it is mandatory to shake hands in order to roll the dice before throwing it.