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Sachin special news bulletin

14, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

1. Aadhar card will necessary for the entry in wankhede

2. Diggi babu demand to declare wankhede as communal ground on the ban of Khan

3.Sachin fans file PIL in court to put stay on the declaration of the Sachin retirement

4. Government apply rule 144 on Kazoonga .com

5. Srisanth got place in team india as 12thn man to supply towel to Sachin

6. Ranjit Shinha Advised WI : If you can’t stop fours than enjoyed it

7. BCCI demanded to put ban on the LBW

8. Poonam Promised to naked if Sachin bowled on zero .

9. Afridi , Warne , Shoheb with many other bowlers decided to took back their resignation

( Nerves nine )