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Sachin missed the boat amid shoutings

22, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Tendulkar’s debut speech in the Rajya Sabha did not come up to scratch amid the substantial ruckus created by the Congress party elected men. They continued to raise slogans at the raised tone of voice while the nominated member in the Nehruvian jacket stood still for as long as seven minutes in desperation. However, one Congress leader considered this hindrance nothing odd or serious.

He was a yesteryear journalist whose interview with Sonia Gandhi got enough coverage. He kept on saying that the ruling party was showing sympathy with the cricketer Sachin Tendulkar at this time while it had opposed his receiving of the greatest civilian Bharat Ratna award once.

The Rajya Sabha member remained cool and frigid. It was at the moment familiar truism, ‘face is the index of mind’ verified. He was perhaps faced with the perfect combination of anxiety and political aspiration.

While on another side, the country’s Ratna suffered the ideal kind of fright which was never his personal trait on the cricket pitch.

He stood for a genuine reason but denied opportunity to convey what he wanted to speak about the country’s sportspersons and the sports. He desired to raise the demand for bringing sports in the school curriculum.

Nevertheless, Mrs Jaya Bachchan did go up against the loss of his opportunity. It was Sachin Tendulkar’s maiden endeavour to put his vital views in regard to the sports’ situation. He was said to have attended the parliamentary session for 23 days in a total of 348 days. He was entirely honest in his approach but appeared helpless before experienced politicians.

The Congress leaders revelled in tongue exercise to halt the business at Rajya Sabha while the cricketer was hurt by their nub of pleasure in shouting slogans as louder as they have ever gone for sloganeering.