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Sachin may not be seen at Wankhede in his last match

14, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Mumbai. In a very unprecedented misunderstanding, Sachin may not be allowed to appear at Wankhede Stadium for the last test match of his cricketing career.

It is perhaps the first incident of such kind where the biggest name like Sachin Tendulkar may won’t play. Actually, following the huge demand for the ticket of the match the authorities outsourced the ticket-selling rights to for all the remaining tickets left after those alloted for Sachin and other VIPs.

Sachin asking WTF is this?
Sachin asking WTF is this?

Incidentally, the demand for the ticket surged to a level where it took the form of internet riots and KYAZOONGA has to stop selling the ticket as they have no internet army to control the crowd.

Later, realizing the potential of black market value of the ticket, few officials have pulled off the free ticket given to VIPs and players and put them on sale in open black-market. This forced even players to buy ticket for their entry in stadium. Sachin tendulkar, being his farewell match, was quite sure about his ticket but he haven’t recieved the ticket so far. The officials are stunned yet helpless as all the tickets are already sold and they will not be able to cancel the tickets as only 24 hours are left to begin the match.

Saurav Ganguly looked happy after getting his ticket but his hapiness vanished as soon as he know about Sachin. “How can they don’t allow the God in the stadium”. There is a nationwide protest sparked off. Twitter and facebook users are showing their outrage by making jokes and making pages and groups. No one however, have offered his ticket to Sachin So far. Sachin himself is in a sate of shock and refused to interact with media. Sharad Pawar, though not ready to give his ticket to Schin, has declared  1000 kgs of oninon as a compensation value reward to those who give their ticket to Sachin.

At the time of latest report recieved to our Editor, officials were busy negotiating a deal to pave a way for this situation.