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Sachin declared nest Prime Minister of India

14, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Sachin’s retirement has came as a shock to almost every Indian in the country, many people who thought Sachin will play till cricket exists in the country are finding it difficult to come to terms with his retirement.  Our reporter Raj Balla faced the public fury while getting reaction from the masses gathered out side Wankhede, ‘How Dare You ask questions regarding retirement of God,  Does God ever retires ?’ yelled Mr. Gulli at our reporter.

When we further questioned it turns out that he had made his plans and already applied for leaves to see sachin in the next World Cup and he was baffled over the fact that how will he utilize his holidays over any activity other than watching Sachin’s play.

Meanwhile in Chandigarh Mr. Milkha Singh asked the Government to appoint Sachin as Sports Minister;  jumped over the idea the political parties decided to do kuch toofani  and all the parties declared him the next Prime Minister of India,  it was a great respite for the aam admi to see all the parties in unison because of Sachin, ‘Finally we got something that can unite the politicians as well as the common man’ said INC spokes person Sonia Gandhi. For Rahul it was like a ‘dream’ come true, who couldn’t withstand the happiness and said ‘He is the best prime minister India Can ever get and his escape velocity is greater than that of anyone else’s ‘, annoyed by such regular verbal attacks over him, Mr. Manmohan decided to keep his cool and remain silent.

After receiving numerous awards and ranks including post of Group Captain in Indian Air Force, it will be interesting to see how Sachin handles the post of Indian Prime Minister.