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Rohit Sharma in shock after accidentally scoring century

01, Nov 2014 By iamsanjeevgoyal

Oh God! Why??
Oh God! Why??

Mumbai. After scoring 142 runs in just 111 balls against Sri Lanka in practice match,veteran cricketer Rohit Sharma was in a great shock.Here is an excerpt from the Exclusive interview of Rohit Sharma by our Reporter Sanjeev-

Reporter: “Sir,the Whole Country is in Shock after your disappointing performance in the practice match.They were expecting you to score in a single digit.”

Rohit Sharma: “Even I was in a shock when i scored the Century. I know people expected that  I will be able to carry my previous form in this match but I dont know how it happened.”

Reporter: “But Sir you are known for your ability to consistently score in single digits”

Rohit Sharma: “I know in the past I have consistently scored single digits for my team but you cant really help when its a bad day.Even my Maggi burnt which I had put on boiling before going to bat because I had a belief that I will get out and return in 2 minutes.”

Reporter: “Seems like it all happened due to your Over-confidence”

Rohit Sharma: “Over-confidence?? WTF, I was even nervous because I came to know that Malinga was not playing because he is the one who can quickly take my wicket”

Reporter: Ok but then how did you finally managed to get out?

Rohit Sharma: Well Nothing was working well for me,the pressure was building up,even the yorkers and bouncers was not able to get me out and then I realised that I was on the verge of scoring 150 which was an even bad score, it was then I collected all my courage and remembered Legends like Ishant Sharma,Ashok Dinda,Ashish Nehra and  Voila! I was Run Out….

Reporter: Sir we hope that you will soon return to form and again score in single digits.

Rohit Sharma: Ofcourse,Now I should leave otherwise maggi will burn again.