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Rohit Sharma in race for becoming Bangladesh Coach

15, Feb 2013 By shahenshah

In a dramatic turn of events, Rohit Sharma has emerged as the top contender for the post of Bangladesh Coach, leaving behind Brendon MacCullum and Shahid Afridi. With no past history, knowledge or any connection to cricket manual, Rohit feels he is well suited for this job.

For those who have been blessed with not knowing who or rather ‘what’ Rohit Sharma is, he recently played for the Indian Cricket Team. After providing his services, which generally get over in one or two deliveries. Rohit feels the time has come for him to deliver on all the promises and potential.

“I am tired of people calling me a failure. No matter how hard I try, people will never realize how difficult it is to get out so cheaply. Throwing a wicket away is an art and I have mastered it. I don’t know when people will stop criticizing me for an art I have taken years to be perfect at. Hence I have decided I will be the coach of a team which has epitomized my style of batting. I am looking forward to the challenge”, Rohit said while coming back from his another short stint at the crease.

Bangladesh cricketers have been found to be extremely happy at this development. They feel that they have finally found the right person to coach them. Ace batsman Mohammed Ashraful was found visiting a mosque where he might be thanking his stars since now he would have someone who understands his skills and abilities. When asked, he said, “I can finally hope to find a permanent place in the team. I hope I can make this opportunity count”.

Reacting to the development, another master at underperforming, Piyush Chawla said that he is happy for his team mate and hopes he will make the Bangladesh team perform well below its potential, like he has himself always done.

BCCI declined to comment on this since they needed time to find who Rohit Sharma is. They tried contacting Vinod Kambli, President of “Underperforming Cricketers Association”, but he also denied knowing anyone by the name Rohit Sharma.” Our last entry was Sir Ravindra Jadeja”, they replied.