Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Rohit Sharma Claims to be Rahul Mahajan of Team India

01, Jan 2013 By wakeupsmit

After loosing, First ODI against Pakistan, Team India was going back to hotel. But Middle Order batsman and “talented” Rohit Sharma called press conference and claim to be Rahul Mahajan of team india.

“I am proud to claim that We both are identical twins and we belong to same state,” Rohit Sharma Said to press. He also added, “We are brought up at different places but we both are same type of people. He never do anything sincierely and so do I.”

When asked about Rahul Mahajan’s dance on Nach Baliye, Rohit Sharma said, “See, This is I am talking about, He is worst dancer there, but he is still there in Nach Baliye, Because of Talent. I want people to recognize us as brothers and give respect”

When Media ask Rahul Mahajan about this he has just gave his special smile and tell them to ask Shilpa Shetty, Judge of Nach Baliye and Owner of Rajsthan Royals.