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Rohit sharma bored of being in form, wants to get out of form soon

25, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Batting legend Rohit Sharma has announced in an interview that he is bored of being in form and wants to get out of form soon, before its too late.

Bored of being in form.
Bored of being in form.

The double century star fans were shell shocked after hearing this news, but backed the batting sensation like they always do.

When Faking News reporter asked about this to Rohit, “Arey yaar , haven’t you seen south Indian movies, the hero can’t win every fight in the movie. He should purposely lose in order to keep the audience engaged, until the climax arrives. You see, if i keep on performing well, no one would give a shit. But if i under perform now and then may be after a few months if i do perform well, who knows? even BBC would make a documentary of me titled ‘Rohit- A legendary comeback’, ‘How to come from behind, ask Rohit’,” said a Nolan minded Rohit with a little bit of a chuckle, as the red-faced reporter excused himself and left the spot immediately by mumbling a few words &*&^%$#^*$$##@.

Sources say, delhi express and sultan of swing Ishant Baba Sharma too is following the same strategy and is planning to troll everyone with a come back.