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Rohit Sharma bids goodbye to International Test Cricket

16, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Mumbai. In a very surprising event, Rohit Sharma bids goodbye to Test Cricket. On being asked about his unexpected decision, Rohit said that from his childhood days he wanted to retire on a high and thus he felt that it is the right time for him to announce his retirement. Rohit further added that the whole world including him knows that he will not be able to perform at even 10% of the current form and thus this decision has been taken.

Rohit Sharma packing and leaving.
Rohit Sharma packing and leaving.

Faking news tried to inquire the reasons for such a surprising decision and found that Master Blaster was Rohit’s role model from his childhood days and seeing the current test records Rohit felt that he is ahead the master’s record in many aspects like his average in test cricket in 288 and he has scored century in all the matches that he had played till now which is ahead of any other cricketer in the world. It is also suspected that Rohit is expecting that the coming BJP government in the center will declare Bharat Ratna award for him seeing his test records which surpass master’s record in many cases.

On asking about the timing of his retirement at a time when he is at the peak of his form, Rohit gave the entire blame of his current form to the west Indian team and said that he himself was not able to understand the reason behind his sudden form and said that people should not expect too much from him in ODI also unless the opponents are West Indies or Pakistan.

Meanwhile it was found that Shikhar Dhawan, Mohammad Shami and Pragyan Ojha are also analyzing their records in Test cricket and comparing it with records of Venkatesh Prasad, Ajit Agarkar and other players to decide on their retirement at this point.

In a discussion with Arnab Goswami regarding the nations question about his retirement, Rohit has revealed that his retirement is dedicated to Sachin paaji and said, “Sachin Paaji has been carrying the burden of Indian Cricket for the last 24 years So I don’t want to create double burden for India team in future i.e. to play without Sachin Paaji and with me.”