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RIP Brazilian Football; will be buried alongside Indian Hockey; who's who pay their last tributes

14, Jul 2014 By simplydimply

Our beloved Brazilian Football is no more. It was a painful death, an agonizing end to a dancing soul which enthralled the hearts of billions for decades. With its demise, tragedy has befallen upon countless fans. But, it’s nature’s way of telling us, ‘things how so ever good must come to an end’.

Germany vs Brazil in FIFA World Cup
Falling apart.

Last rights will take place as soon as civil unrest in brazil ends. Authorities have confirmed that it would be ‘laid to rest’ next to Indian Hockey at the World Sports Graveyard facility.

Tributes from all over the world have started flowing in.

Maradona: I see the ‘Hand of god’ in it.

Pele: Its good that Brazilian Football is dead otherwise next time India bhi hamari le leti tu likh ke lele.

David beckham: My career is dead, my wife’s career is dead and now Brazilian Football is dead. Feeling bad but now atleast we have ‘Three to tango’.

George W Bush: Real sad, I am sorry they got misunderestimated.

Alya Bhatt: OMG! Brazilian football is dead . How old was he?

Arvind kejriwal: Sirji, had they brought in a stronger lokpal then Brazilian Football could have been saved.

Manmohan Singh: Hazaroon zillatoon se Brazilian Football ki maut achee.

Akhilesh Yadav: Brazilian Football laid down its life for saving secularism. UP govt will give them adequate compensation.

Alok Nath: Brazilian Football was like a samdhi to me. I will definitely attend its antim sanskar.

Rahul Gandhi: RTI Brazilian Football.