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Real reason behind West Indies tour cancellation

18, Oct 2014 By jojobaba

Today the West Indies cricket team abandoned their tour citing a payment dispute as the reason behind this pull out but our sources at Faking News have found that the real reason behind the pull out is actually Virat Kohli. It seems that the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) had requested BCCI for a bilateral series between the two countries and asked that India allow them to win so that their players receive a morale boost.

Little did they know that BCCI would turn the tables around by making it a morale boosting series for Virat Kohli. The only condition that BCCI laid was that WI play without Sunil Narine who was promptly reported for suspect action during the IPL. In return, BCCI promised to drop Ashwin. Insiders tell us that BCCI was planning to drop Ashwin anyway but they were looking for a reason. After the deal, Dhoni asked his friend and CSK team mate to sit this series out for the country and also for an extended contract with CSK.

The West Indians won their first match thrashing India by 124 runs. But from the second match, in which Kohli scored 62, the motive behind the tour started to become evident. “The guy hadn’t scored anything in the past 8 months!!” Dwayne Bravo was heard saying. “We were really surprised when BCCI agreed to play with us instead of their regular opponents SL but now that the Ind-SL series has come up as soon as we pulled out says all about BCCI’s evil scheme”, Bravo further commented.

Ravi Shastri was heard saying “In the end, cricket is the real winner” to Bravo after the 4th ODI match which India (no surprises) won.