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Real reason behind the spat between Sir Ravindra Jadeja and James Anderson

19, Jul 2014 By sonukakoos

The real reason behind the spat between Sir Ravindra Jadeja and James Anderson has been discovered. Our correspondent having established connections with a source within a team has told us that Jimmy had actually approached Sir Jadeja for a chance in IPL.

Sir Jadeja scoffed at the idea without even replying. This did not go down well with Jimmy and his attempts did not end there. Anderson even asked if he could add Jadeja as a friend on Facebook. Sir Jadeja apparently told Jimmy that he should send a petition to Mark Zuckerberg first. The begging did not end there. However, Sir Jadeja decided to show some sympathy on the English paceman and asked him what was it about IPL that attracted him so much.

Sir Jadeja was at the receiving end of senseless requests from James Anderson

Jimmy Anderson expressed his desire to play for a franchise, despised by Sir Jadeja. In addition to that, Jimmy also wanted to act in movies and advertisements with some of India’s leading ladies. This displeased Sir Jadeja to a large extent.

Unconfirmed stump mic recordings tell us that the exact words used by Sir Jadeja in his reply resemble “monkey”. If confirmed, we have ourselves a sequel to the great monkey episode Down Under.

Well, will Jimmy’s desires to play in the IPL happen or will the Sir’s resolve be too strong to handle? One can only wait and see.