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Ravindra Jadeja fans calls for Sachin's retirement from Ranji, calls him Selfish

06, Jan 2013 By krisraj

On Sunday evening here in Mumbai, a group of Ravindra Jadeja fans gathered in front of the BCCI office protesting against Sachin Tendulkar, calling for his retirement from First class cricket. They claim Sachin is being selfish and scores century in Ranji Trophy, thus leaving Team India in deep trouble in the series against Pakistan.

Sri.Rahul Naik, an ardent Jadeja fan spoke to Faking News today says, “Sachin was always selfish.He always used to score runs leaving Team India to defeat.He doesnt play for the Team,plays for his own personal records.He should also retire from First class cricket and give ways to youngsters like Jadeja and Rohit Sharma”.

“His time has come. This is only the first century he scored in Ranjis since the last time he played Ranji” says another ardent Sachin critic Prakeek Badshah. The BCCI officials who addressed the issue said they will look into this seriously after the India-Pak Series.

Another critic went violent, to the level of breaking in to the BCCI headquarters demanding justice. “Players like Rohit Sharma and Jadeja stays in the field not more than 2  minutes, but leaves a great impact on facebook  and Twitter fans”, ferocious critic added.

They also thanked the tweeple to have conferred the ‘Sir’ title to Sri Ravindra Jadeja. “He deserves it for the match winning innings he has played all together. He is a motivation to all of us youngsters. But Sachin should Retire”, added another Jadeja fan.