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Raj Kundra is shocked and disappointed with the verdict as he finds too many typos in the copy given to him

16, Jul 2015 By dasu

Mumbai: Raj Kundra is upset with too many inaccuracies that is present in the court verdict. We tried to contact him multiple times, but Raj’s personal secretary told us, “Sir, does not want to speak to you.”

His secretary told our faking news reporter, “When sir does not have time for real reporters like Arnab Goswami, Rajdeep Sardesai, how dare you to ask for a one-on-one interview. If you want to have his reaction, please wait. Sir will give his reaction through twitter only as he is comfortable with the language used there”.

A visibly shocked Raj Kundra
A visibly shocked Raj Kundra

We met one of the close friend of Raj who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity. “First mistake in the report I can point out is his name is no longer Raj Kundra. After Robert Vadra controversy, he did not want his name to sound similar. So instead of ending with ‘dra’, he removed the ‘r’ as per the suggestion of a numerologist. Now his name is Raj Kunda. Seems the panel has missed this vital point.”

His friend further added, “After getting the copy, Raj and I struggled to go through it as we found too many typos.” Faking news has a copy of the report and when our reporter pointed out that it is written in plain oxford English, what is the confusion for Raj when he has done his business in British land?”

His friend told us, “Agree, Raj used to be fluent with his British accent due to his business need. But, you are missing a key point, for last four to five years he is not giving interview to any press be it print media or television. All his communication happens through twitter. Within 140 characters to write something is not easy, you cannot use long words without abbreviating in twitter format. Such straight English is hard to understand. Raj has requested through his lawyer to get the verdict copy in a format which is commensurate with twitter language.”

Faking news reporter was anxious to know whether Raj Kunda knows the quantum of punishment or not? His friend told, “Yes, he knows as many twitterati already wrote about it.”

We probed further to know among the punishments which one is hitting him the most. His friend told the section of the verdict which mentions “Ineligible for participation in the sport of cricket” seems to be hitting him the most. If you know, he has clarified sometime back that he does not want to be associated with Indian cricket anymore as a business man. However he loves the game and regularly practice. He was hopeful at least some day he will get a chance in celebrity cricket league. If we understand the verdict correctly, looks like that hope is now dashed.

When we asked his friend what is the future do you see for him. His friend told, “Raj is in touch with Abhishek. He is learning how to manage your celebrity wife’s career and side by side he is taking tips to understand Kabaddi and football. You never know he might do some business there to take the sport forward.”

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