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Rahul Gandhi claims his dreams enabled Sachin to score half century in his last test

16, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

In a pre election rally speech in Madhya Pradesh, Rahul Gandhi has claimed that he had dreamt of Sachin Tendulkar scoring a half century. He also claimed that had his “papa” and “dadi” been alive, together the three of them would have managed to dream enough for Tendulkar to score a double century in his last innings as an Indian cricket player.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul was even generous enough to share the pic where he can be seen sleeping and dreaming. Though Gandhis dont need to sleep to dream. They are gifted.

“I dreamt of Sachin scoring a century but he fell short by just 26 runs,” Rahul Gandhi said. “Maybe it’s because the crowds began chanting Modi Modi when I walked in and that disturbed Sachin’s secular shot selection. Had papa and dadi been alive, Sachin would have made 200 easily with the power of our dreams.”

When asked about Sonia Gandhi’s point of view on the matter, Mr Gandhi said, “Mummy was sick, so I could not ask her what she dreamt about.”

After Rahul’s speech, Digivijay Singh, not one to turn down an opportunity to entertain, added, “I also dreamt of Rahulji dreaming the dream that helped Sachin make the runs. And see the power of the dream… Sachin fell only 26 runs short. Just like the GDP growth rate of this country… which is just 5 percentage points short of 9%.”