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Rahul Gandhi asks Sri Lanka to import South African cheerleaders

16, Oct 2012 By Vibhijain

Realizing the true pain of  the aam aadmi and himself, Rahul Gandhi has asked the Sri Lankan government to replace the local cheerleaders with the South African ones, a step which would give relief to various mango people in banana republic.

A statement has been issued by 10 Janpath, ordering Rajiv Shukla to discuss this issue with the Sri Lankan Cricket Board. Our secret sources tell that this idea first came into Sonia Gandhi’s mind (if she has any!). Experts even tell that this can be a step to get Mamta’s support, as she is expected to support this initiative, which may improve KKR’s performance in CLT20.

BJP, as expected, has termed this cause to be anti-people, saying that it has become a necessity for Congress after its loss in Uttarakhand by-poll, and this was possibly suggested by senior state leader ND Tiwary.

DMK has however warned to exclude itself from the UPA, saying that this could lead to mass unemployment among Sri Lankan Tamil girls. One possible dis-merit of this step can be an expected shortage of cheerleaders in South Africa as most will be imported to Lanka. This is creating discontent among Delhi youth as they don’t want any shortage in South Africa, because the CLT20 is being held there and they can’t afford seeing the Daredevils falling prey to Rahul Gandhi’s Amul boy politics.