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Rahul Dravid's official Twitter account found, has more followers than Kohli

26, Dec 2014 By criczinger

After news broke out that Kohli had overtaken Sachin in the followers count on Twitter, a 90-s cricket fan searched throughout twitter and finally landed at Dravid’s official Twitter account. The account had been verified to be the official account of Rahul Dravid and had a whooping 6 million followers putting him far ahead of Kohli. The account also had the display picture of an egg.

Later, Rahul Dravid confirmed to the media that it was infact his account which he had been using all this time. Apparently, Dravid had made several thousands of tweets to celebrities like Sachin asking them to reply for he was a big fan.  Fans took to Twitter to follow him only to realize that they were following him already. Cricketers expressed shock and disbelief over how his account had gone unnoticed inspite of having this many followers.

A man who called himself a die-hard Dravid fan spoke to Faking News lashing out at the forgetfulness of the media and people, “People are just insane these days. How can someone forget a man who scored a 200 in an ODI?” The fan also left  in the middle of the conversation giving reasons that he had to rise early to watch the ongoing Australia series.