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Rafael Nadal included in Team India’s squad for Third Test

03, Dec 2012 By kapilbabel

Kolkata.  After the surrender of Indian Batsmen against spin, Indian selectors have included Tennis Star Rafael Nadal in Indian Squad for the Third Test. Nadal was selected on the basis of his sublime performances on slow clay surface. BCCI has declared that his magic is going to work on Eden’s clay too.

In a press conference deliberately scheduled to give a mental blow to English contingent, Dhoni said, “You know we dominated the 2nd Test except for the 4th innings (you know) when Cook and Compton snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. You know that target of 57 was almost unachievable looking at the condition of pitch and our spin trinity, but (you know) they had the luck at several instances while chasing the mammoth total of 57. But you know that with Nadal in our Team, we will definitely win the series 2-0 (you know).”

Rafael Nadal
Nadal is also expected to turn the ball

Nadal also commented on his inclusion by saying that if Team India wins this test, it will be the pinnacle of all the victories and will even surpass his triumph in 7 French Opens. Though he does not know a lot about cricket, he added, “BCCI is saying that I have to return every ball and hit the cricket ball to places where there is no player which means I have to hit aces. As I was suffering from knee injury, this test series will also help me warm up for Australian Open.”

Faking News tried to ask English coach and Captain about the ‘Nadal’ factor but they refrained themselves from commenting. It has been speculated that they tried to have talks with Andy Murray but he refused to play by saying that he considers himself Scottish rather than British. Also, Pitch Curator Prabir Mukherjee and Dhoni seem to have reconciled after Dhoni assured him that Nadal alone will bat for three days so that it becomes a five day finish.

To make a place for Nadal, Cheteshwar Pujara might be rested due to his dismal performance in 2nd innings of Mumbai Test. BCCI has also told if this experiment works out, BCCI will send Successful Grass court Tennis players like Roger Federer, Pete Sampras etc. for future tours to South Africa, England and Australia so that they can thrive on Green Top wickets there.

To promote Tennis players in Cricket, a new IPL Team consisting of tennis players only will be introduced in IPL 6 and Business Giants like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett have shown their interest to own this team.

BJP tried to steal the limelight by saying that they will organize a ‘Bandh’ to protest against FDI in cricket. Mean While, there are talks that BCCI might pressurize  Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) to cancel French Open next year so that Tennis players can devote their time to IPL.

But, International Cricket Council (ICC) and former Tennis Players have severely criticized the decision of BCCI to form a separate IPL team stating that this might lead to premature retirement of players from Tennis to boost their career in IPL.