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Psychologists claim increase in visitors* during FIFA World Cup

17, Jun 2014 By Nihshabd

Gurgaon. Jetharam is looking out for another psychologist for his increased level of anxiety. Dr Ghosh, his first doctor has expressed his inability to offer him any consultation as he has vested interest in making him a freak. The renowned doctor was found staring at the horizon trying to resolve conflict between his professional and personal ethos.

With Monalisa smile on his lips and sadness in his eyes, the doctor told the Faking news that he had to leave Jetharam as his roots might have failed him professionally. The doctor, at the same time, is saddened by the fact that Jetharam if just one of many probable victims of anxiety created by FIFA world cup.

Jetharam recalls a quote from book by Sigmund Freud, Interpretation of Dreams that he read during his MBA preparation. The book read, he said, “Guilt is most dangerous of all human emotions”. He says with blank face, “he is afraid of suffering from this dangerous emotion, The Guilt”.

Jetharam failed to watch the match between Germany and Portugal, to his own demise.

While watching his favorite Batman movie on lazy summer Sunday afternoon, the day before the match, he had figured out the channel number for Sony Six. Also, he was cautious enough to learn the exact time of the match with the help of Google Doodle. This was to help him avoid watching Gaurav Kapoor and Nikhil Chinnappa. His friends in office had warned him about this. On the fateful Monday evening Jetharam was out for a walk with his wife after dinner. This act of his added to his agony and guilt.

Among his friends in office, there has always been people who know football. Shodipto says that football shorts are as comfortable as Bengali style Dhoti. De Costa, on other hand observes a high-nosed silence whenever Jetharam speaks of “Counter Strike”. Both Shodipto and De Costa hardly talk to each other about football, “may be due to different orientations”, Jetharam said while talking his story out.

Behavior of his two friends is just a small part of the huge undercurrent created by fans of football. The air around Jetharam always seemed heavy with sporadic mention of league football. Jetharam is yet to remember the season in which league matches happen. He said, he is often troubled by news that mentions adjectives instead of nouns, like Red Devil instead of Liverpool, if that’s correct. He says that he understands that the relationship between league matches and FIFA world cup. It is like IPL and ICC world cup, which is just like relationship between Mathematics and Statistics. But what he fails to understand is the relationship between soccer and football. To ease his mind Jetharam has convinced himself that it is just the difference between American English and British English. The difference, he says, could be due to the fact that Americans play rugby with helmets and they call it football. That’s why they needed a different name for football which they coined as soccer.

The anxiety of Jetharam, says psychologist, is a typical example of peer pressure felt by people in corporate sector. This can be compared with pressure felt by employees who are not in IT sector but are friends with them on Facebook and get to see their foreign trips over the social networking site. Psychologists say that they may have to resort to unorthodox methods like “Kapaal Bhaati” a technique of Pranayaam, to handle this menace of Global Anger.

* Psychologists are debating over the best word to address people who visit them. It may be clients, customers, patients, visitors, guests, people, Romans, consultees etc.